We are still studying in Genesis. This book can become cumbersome and sometimes confusing, but when God is imparting knowledge and bestowing continual mercies, Genesis comes alive and life application becomes easy. Join us as we continue our journey through this first book of the Bible. We are about to wrap things up with Abraham, but there is much more to come as we continue with his descendants.



We are still meeting in the Knight home on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm. We pray, study, fellowship, and eat (very important for those of a Baptist heritage). We are currently going through the Bible chronologically. We are seeking to understand God more and interpret His word properly.


We are currently meeting on Tuesday nights in the Knight home at 6 pm. However, in March 2017, we will begin meeting in a new location in Wetumpka, AL. More details will be available as we work them out. We covet your prayers as we follow God’s lead.




We are currently meeting at 4 pm Sundays and 7 pm Wednesdays at the Knight home. We now have Bible studies online. Ronnie posts about 1 hr before time to start on his fb page.



october 26, 2013

Weoka Community Center

3 pm till 5 pm

food, games, prizes, devotion. (family oriented celebration)


We have been meeting at Attaway kitchen on Sunday mornings since January 2013. God is blessing.  We are now praying about a new building to meet in and the ministry opportunities God wants us to provide. We our a church based on family centered worship and we look forward to all that God has for us.



Our Wednesday night home Bible studies have been going well. We will be starting Sunday morning services this Sunday, January 6, 2013.


Three announcements:

1. We will are longer be accepting part-time day students.  We have reached the max for the teachers we have staffed. Also, I am afraid the mindset of the parents is no different than that of public school parents.  The whole point of the day school is to help parents as they head up their kids’ education, not do their job for them.

2. From here on out, all parents have to pay full fees.  The ones who have come in on love offering basis may continue, but we can not work on love offering basis anymore.  Tutoring students have to come to the school for lessons.  I can not drive to surrounding areas anymore.  With no pay, I am having to fund all the gas myself, and I just can’t do it anymore.  I am sorry.

3. We will have a new teacher for science and art. We are excited to welcome our new teacher and know our day school students will be blessed.


After much prayer, our pastor (Ronnie Knight), has decided to take the direction of family integrated worship.  Our new format will be that of weekly cell or home churches and a monthly gathering of all members for fellowship and encouragement. The family was God’s first creation.  The orders to lead spiritually, emotionally, and physically was given to the family with the man as the head. We will be embracing this type of leadership.


March 27, 2012: Ladies Bible studies begin.  We will have lunch at a different place each Thursday.  We will share a devotional and pray for our communities and families.

April 15, 2012: Family Bible studies from 6pm to 7 pm.  For the first couple of months the Bible study will be held in the Knight home.  There will be no nursery or babysitter.  Parents will be responsible for keeping their own kids under control during Bible study.


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