Friday night bowling Bama Lanes in Prattville 7 pm to 9 pm July 27.



September 2017

9/12 Music/Art classes begin

9/13 workshop: History of Football

9/20 Field Trip: Montgomery Zoo

9/27 Service Day: gift bags and cards for veterans 9 am to 11 am



Just a reminder parents, monthly attendance reports are due by the 5th of each month, following the completed month.



The deadline for signing up for the  2016/2017 cover school year is August 1, 2016.



Don’t forget the first Monday of each month is art day with Mrs. Nikki. December 7 will be the Christmas art painting. Each student will need to bring $5 this time.






December 31, 2013

New Year’s Eve Party at the Knight home. Bring a snack to share. We will begin at 7 pm: games, food, music, devotion, bonfire

new year



The week of October 27, 2013 is Fall Break. Enjoy time with the family. Plan something (parents/kids) to do together.



Tentative May 6-Field Trip to Planetarium

June 28: End of year program (time and place TBA)



March 17 WINTER JAM Birmingham, AL  students must be accompanied by parents.

March 25-29, 2013 will be Spring Break.



January 7, 2013

Christmas break is over and classes resume. Monday, 7th, will be our after Christmas party. Everyone bring a snack to share.


September 4, 2012 Back to School Party


We will be taking a field trip to Mount Cheaha state park.  Each child will need $10 to cover the entrance to the park/playground/museum. Each child will need to bring their own picnic lunch.  Cover school students are welcome also, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must participate in the devotional time. Cover school students are expected to obey all rules and procedures of the school if they accompany the day school students. Parents do not allow children to wear flip flops on this trip. They must wear tennis shoes or hiking boots with socks. Review the policies and procedures in the handbook.  Children must obey them even if parents would normally allow other behaviors. Students must also bring folder with sketch paper, notebook paper and colored pencils ( a backpack is recommended). The first nature journal entry will be done. Parents are encouraged to participate with their child. Student should also bring disposable camera. These will be used throughout the year.


June 29, 2012

The end of year celebration will be held at Seman Baptist Church at 6 pm. There will be recitals, displays, food, and fellowship.  Anyone with any questions or interest in the school is welcome to come.  The theme is “A Heart of Worship”.

June 30, 2012

United States History workshop. The time will be from 9 am to 4 pm at the Knight home.  Please let me know if you plan to attend, so I can notify the caterer. The school number is 334-541-2626. Lunch, of course, will be served. There will be no babysitter, so if parents bring young children, it is THE PARENT’S responsibility to make the child behave and NOT let them disrupt the class.  Come learn the truth about American history. It will count as a history credit for any ROCK student who attends the entire workshop.


May 27, 2012

The ROCK Christian Academy will be having a bake sale on Sunday the 27th after church.  The sale will be at the fellowship hall of Seman Baptist Church. The proceeds will go to the medical care of Jennifer, a young woman in Montgomery, AL. Jennifer has recently undergone surgery for several tumors in the throat.  She will have to undergo chemo.  The family is already burdened with many medical bills.  Please pray for this family and help financially if possible.  For questions about the bake sale, contact Angel Knight (334) 315-04922 or Nikki Flynn (334) 315-9468.

May 31, 2012

Swim party from 9 am to 1 pm.  This event is for the day school students only (those who stayed with the day school until the end of the year). It will be at the home of CJ Martin. Lunch will be provided.


Easter Party 9 am  All students bring picnic lunch.  April 4, 2012

2. Field Trip Confederate Park. Bring picnin lunch   April 17, 2012


We will return to class from Christmas holidays on January 9, 2012.  This first day back will be our “after Christmas” Christmas party.


NOVEMBER 2011  4th-  Frontier Days at Ft. Toulouse in Wetumpka, AL/  1pm/ $6 student, $7 adult

12th- US History Workshop (free to the community) Knight home / 9am to 3pm/ morning snack and lunch served

18th- Calloway Gardens (nature trails) will leave at 8 am/ $18 per person/ will be stopping for lunch/ possibly doing TREEHOUSE ADVENTURES (additional charge)

21st-25th  out of school in observance of Thanksgiving Holidays


October 2011     Free Back to School Graphics

October 3   Old Alabama Town (Montgomery, AL) Harvest Days

October 29  WHERE’S ICHABOD PARTY: This will be held at the night home beginning at 7 pm.  Students may where whatever costume they wish as long as it is not satanic or immodest.  Adults are encouraged to dress in the period costume of Sleepy Hollow.  This event is for day students, cover school students, and tutoring students as well as their immediate family.                             

September 6, 2011: The 2011/2012 school year begins. The first day of school will be a “Back to School Celebration”.  The theme TBA.


June 10, 2011:  We will be having our education celebration at Seman Baptist Church at 6 pm.  There will be piano, dance, and poetry recitals.  We will recognize graduating seniors (Gabe Knight and Jase Lucas).  Students will have the opportunity to display projects and their will be food and fellowship following.


February 4  Montgomery Mann Museum.  We will meet there at 2 pm.  Tickets are $6 for adults (13 and over) and $4 for children.

February 11 field trip will be rescheduled due to Valentine Banquet at Seman Baptist Church and Winter Jam the 12th.

February 18 Parents support group and play day for kids at Gold Star Park.  If weather is not favorable, the venue will change.

February 25 Movie Day @ Knight Home


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