The ROCK Christian Academy is an extension of ROCK Ministries.

The ROCK Christian Academy Offers: Education workshops for homeschoolers, Music/Art Lessons, a part-time day school, and Cover School Support.

The Day School is now re-opened. We will offer classes from Tuesday to Thursdays. Music classes through Peggy’s Music Academy (with whom we have partnered) are offered on Mondays and Fridays.


Piano Lessons                                          30 minutes                                   $45 monthly

Voice Lessons                                          30 minutes                                    $45 monthly

** sibling from same household- $15 monthly

Piano and Voice                                       1 hour                                            $60 monthly

** sibling from same household- $25 monthly

Preschool Music                                     30 minutes                                    $35 monthly

Basic Music                                              30 minutes                                     $35 monthly


Part time Day School                            Tuesday-Thursday                      $150 monthly

** siblings from same household- $75 monthly

Individual Unit Studies                         (if not day school)                     $30 per class

Homeschool Cover                                         (per family)                           $50 yearly

** all school registration fees will be $25 per student/$10 discount for siblings


Withdrawal Fee                                         $25 per student

Graduation Fee                                         $10 per student

  • Parents will be responsible for purchasing all needed supplies for classes.






Day School Students:

Tuition yearly is $1800 for the 1st student, $900 for each additional sibling.

For the monthly payment plan, tuition is broken into 12 months:

Tuition shall be $150 per month for the first child, $75 for each additional child. Payment is due at the beginning of the month. After the 5th day, a $5 late charge will be added to each day payment is late.

Tuition is due every single month of the year, no exceptions. Tuition must be paid in full even if there are out of school holidays (including December).  The ROCK is not a baby sitting service. Our duties are not just to have your child in class. When they are out on vacation, we the teachers are not. We use this time to get a jump start on lesson plans and preparations.

Each student must bring a 4 pack of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels at the beginning of each month. They will use more than this, but this will help out. Our family has provided this in the past, but we simply can not afford to provide supplies for all the students. Each family must provide school supplies for their own kids. If a child breaks their colors, the parent has to buy more. Rulers, protractors, etc must be supplied by the parent. We provide ink for printers and the text books. The parents can supply the other necessities for their kids.

Beginning the 2015/2016 year, every time a text book is lost, the parent has to purchase it again for the school. If a text book comes back more than 2 days late, the parent will have to pay $.50 a day until it is returned.

At the risk of sounding harsh, it is this simple: if you do not approve of the education your child is receiving at the ROCK, place them elsewhere. We will not change our philosophy or teaching approach to accomodate.

A homeschool environment is  most recommended at the ROCK. However, we understand that every parent is not in the position to participate,  and there are those who have no desire to homeschool. This is where we step in, to offer an alternative to public and secular private school. We will function in a comfortable homeschool setting, but self-discipline and structure will also apply.  All policy, procedure, and curricula will be decided by school administration. Again, if a parent feels as this is not in the best interest of their child, we encourage them to employee a different educational path.

We are not a boot camp. We do not accept students who have been suspended from other schools, on probation, or considered problem children. We are a school of academic & artistic excellence , as well as, spiritual growth. Parents and students must be in agreement with school leadership. If your child can not handle the academic and behavioral expectations (including dress code), it will be requested that you withdraw them and place them elsewhere. It is not fair to achieving students to held back or have their classes interrupted while teachers deal with those who can’t or WON’T meet standards.


Payment is to be made in the form of cash, money order, or check. In the event a check is returned a $35 returned check fee will be added. If 3 checks are returned on an individual, only cash can be accepted from there on out.

There will be at least 2 field trips a month. Students must be accompanied by a parent or approved guardian. If the parent chooses not to have a student participate in a field trip, that is perfectly acceptable, but the parent will have to make arrangements for the student for the day. There will be no babysitter left in the classroom.

The ROCK Christian Academy is NOT accredited.  We are researching accreditation for the future, but parents are the  only endorsement needed for proper education, not the government or some other institution.

We have, in the past, tried to incorporate parent leadership in the school. We can no longer do this because:

1. As we grow, we have more parental input and there is no way to please everyone.

2. As we grow, different beliefs and philosophies come into play, and there is no way to incorporate them all. Also, the school was founded on specific Biblical principles and the personal education philosophy of the founder/director, Denise Knight. Those that contradict, can not be interwoven.

3. The teachers of the ROCK are here to educate and equip our students for the future. The 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 school years has consisted of entirely too much complaining or parental apathy. This will no longer be tolerated.





Oversight of the school is handled by its founder and director, Denise Knight.

Board of Directors: Denise Knight (founder and director), Carolyn Carroll, and Mickey Lucas

*Mickey Lucas passed away in 2018. Two candidates are being considered to replace him on the board. Once that decision is made, this information will be updated.


Teacher: Denise Knight


Preschool/Kindergarten Assistant: Tori Knight

Teaching Assistant: Robin Thivierge



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