The ROCK Christian Academy is a ministry of ROCK Ministries. Our mission is to help parents in their homeschool/parenting adventure.

This ministry includes a homeschool cover and in partnership with Peggy’s Music Academy, we now offer a part-time day school that will help parents in the academics and arts of homeschool instruction. We will offer unit studies from a Biblical worldview based in music history, philosophy, and theory.  The ROCK Christian Academy was founded in 2009 by Denise Knight. The ROCK Christian Fellowship was founded and is directed by Ronnie and Denise Knight. Married for 29 years and blessed with four children, the Knights have served as lay church members, pastors, church planters, and community ministers. The family has served in Dothan, AL, Opelika, AL, Eclectic, AL, Wetumpka, AL, Richmondville, NY, and Prattville, AL. for homeschool support for counseling support


Healthy families=healthy churches=healthy communities=a Healthy Nation.

Meet the Knight Family


 We are Ronnie and Denise Knight  and have been blessed with four children, 2 grandchildren (by birth) and 2 grandchildren (simply because, I,  Denise Knight, claim them). We have been in ministry for over 16 years. There have been many times we just wanted to run away from the drama, hypocrisy, and betrayals. However, ministry is our lives. We are not happy unless living out God’s calling. We love God and we love God’s people. We love the lost. God brought us together to compliment each other. Ronnie has a passion to see souls saved and my passion is to see them grow spiritually after they are saved.


Our oldest child, Nikki, is married to Brandon Flynn. We got Brandon from NY. He has a degree in global apologetics from Liberty University and is a brilliant young man (don’t tell anyone I complimented him). He works hard to care for his family and fights for them in the most admirable ways. Nikki is a dance teacher and personal assistant. She has followed her God-placed dream and is passing that passion on to other little girls. They have a beautiful little red head whom I adore. MiaBella is my oldest grandchild and she makes my heart overflow with joy. Ronnie and I could not be more proud that Brandon and Nikki are raising Mia in church and teaching her to love Jesus.


Angel is our second baby and our little princess. She is known for her service and love to others. She enjoys dance and photography, and is great at both. It is evident she loves the Lord. It has been a joy to watch her faith grow over the years. Angel married Lane Attaway in August 2016. Lane is a fine young man who truly loves my baby girl and the Lord. He and Angel complement each other perfectly. I pray they, both,  will continue to follow Christ completely.


Gabe is our third child. He is our only little boy. He loves music and uses his talents for the Lord. He is a college student and works a full-time job. We are so proud of him. He, too, is married. I must say he chose a wife wisely. He is married to Whitney Allen (whom we also got from NY) and what a blessing she is. I hope Gabe will always cherish her. I pray he is always aware of the treasure he has in such a godly woman. In March of 2016, they had our 2nd grandchild. Liam is as beautiful as his father and mother. He looks exactly like Gabe, just 3 times smaller than Gabie was. I count down the days each week until I get to hold that precious little bundle in my arms.

Tori is our little caboose (as Ronnie calls her). She is fifteen and ready to be twenty. She is growing up too fast. She is mommy’s sunshine. I don’t think she will ever understand how much I love her. She loves volleyball and wants to attend Faulkner University for a law degree. Her dream is to become a prosecuter. This past year, she has blossomed spiritually. She has had some struggles because of hurtful relationships. But we all know the diamonds (one of the toughest stones in the world) must go through severe refining to be made most valuable and beautiful. As I have watched Tori go through the Refiner’s fire the last couple of years, I am proud to say that I see a spiritual warrior emerging.

Damon, is 3 years old that I have the privilege to call my own. His mommy and daddy (Steven and Jorden) have blessed me by allowing this little guy to be a part of my life. If you want to see a ball of energy, here he is. I pray that his parents will faithfully live out God’s Word in front of him and help him to grow spiritually. I do love their little family. Aiden (Flash as I call him) is Damon’s 1 year old baby brother. He is always happy and snuggly. Again, I am blessed to have him a part of my life.

I can’t talk about my family without talking about my best friend. I have also declared her my sister.  If you want proof that God transforms lives, the proof is in Carolyn Carroll. She has gone through some of life’s toughest trials and experienced great betrayals, even from childhood. But let me tell you, she sure does stand strong for Jesus. I love her and need her for life and ministry.


Although I had no biological sisters, the Lord brought a friend into my life when we moved to New York that is so much like a sister. She and I can disagree as passionately as my girls, yet still love each other. We are as different as Nikki and Angel, but still love each other. That awesome woman is my oldest daughter’s MILOD. Robin makes me laugh when I want to cry. She encourages me to keep going. She is funny and sweet. With Robin and Carolyn as my best friends, biological is irrelevant.


I Thessalonians 5:11

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.